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Aimee Russell

Corporate Services

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Training Workshops & Professional Development

Authentically U can guide and teach you and your team through many different areas of mental health and wellbeing via training workshops and professional development. 


Whether it’s helping you to understand your obligations as an employer to create a mentally healthy work environment or specific training for you or your team, Authentically U can help. 


As a business owner, supporting an employee through a mentally distressing time is something you are likely to face.  We can provide you with the knowledge and tools to meet your legal requirements and look after your employee’s mental wellbeing. 


If you are looking for specific training or professional development, our team are able to help with (but not limited to) 


  • Risk assessment and management – for children, young people and adults

  • Child protection

  • Training on the use of the Heads Assessment and therapeutic engagement of young people

  • Managing team dynamics

  • Improving sense of wellbeing

  • Managing difficult clients (effective communication / de-escalation)

  • De-briefing / critical incident support

  • Grief / loss

Interested to see how we can assist with your training and professional development needs of your business?

Professional / Clinical Supervision

Trained in strength-based supervision training, Authentically U has contracts with various organisations around New Zealand to provide clinical / professional supervision to many employees. 

Supervision is an effective, sustainable, reflective practice and an essential component of many industries.  This formal, ongoing process safeguards competent and ethical practice and provides an increased feeling of support and develops professional skills.

External supervision is objective and provides employees an open, honest and transparent space for them to reflect on their work practices and difficulties.  An increased send of mental wellbeing is just one of the many benefits to supervision.

Interested to see how we can assist with the supervision needs of your business and your team?

Nursing Services

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Consultancy and Project Management (Health Service Management)

If your business requires additional resources, clinical needs, external advice, problem solving or clinical oversite, Authentically U has a team of mental health and addiction nurses that are available for short term contracts.  We can fill any gaps in nursing work, clinical oversite or clinical support.  Our team is passionate about the health and wellbeing of people in New Zealand and can offer an independent and objective service to assist with your nursing and clinical needs.

Interested to see how we can assist with the mental health & addiction nursing and clinical needs of your business?

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