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Through therapy sessions, we work with you to explore who you are and treasure the awesome traits you have!

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Aimee Russell

Clinical Director

Kia ora.  I am the Clinical Director of Authentically U, and a Registered Nurse with 10 years’ experience working in the area of mental health.  I have experience in a range of settings including delivering talk therapy, coaching and clinical / professional supervision.  When working with clients I like to deliver a service that is strength based and focuses on identifying and building on the positive coping strategies you may already possess. I am incredibly passionate about working with clients of all ages to address struggles you are facing in your personal or professional life that are having a negative effect on your wellbeing.

Please don’t hesitate to make contact with me to discuss how we can work together to enable you to start living a less stressful life and being able to enjoy your work, family and relationships.


Nga Mihi Nui,


Aimee Russell

Kim Barr

Administration Manager

Although new to the Therapy / Mental Health industry, my business studies qualifications and extensive experience in administration and business management has given me the transferable skills required to successfully manage the operations of Authentically U.  I will be the first person you talk to when you make contact with us and I pride myself on my customer services skills.

I love working in the therapy industry and feel empowered on a daily basis by the team I work with.   Working alongside a group of inspiring people that make such a positive difference in people’s lives is incredibly rewarding.  I believe any company is only as successful as the people inside it and Authentically U is blessed with the best.

Nga mihi,


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Jackie Bryers

Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing,
Post Grad in Mental Health and Addiction

I have many years’ experience in mental health and therapeutic work and offer face to face and phone appointments.  I specialise in ages 18+ and my approach is to look at a re-focus on valuing yourself and your contribution to life and being present.

I enjoy challenging people’s mindsets and assisting people to move forward positively.  With my vast experience I am able to support you with self-esteem, anger, grief/loss, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, relationships and PTSD.

Nga mihi,


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Nilene Rama

Registered Social Worker, Bachelor in Social Services, Masters of Applied Social Work

I have a passion for working with clients and their whanau in the community and love making a difference in the lives of others.  I have training and experience in gentle trauma work for chronic sexual abuse, childhood trauma and therapeutic crisis intervention and work with adults 18+ via face-to-face appointments, phone or via zoom. I specialise in trauma, alcohol and other drug addiction but can also help with anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD and building confidence and esteem. I take a trauma informed practice regularly in my work with clients and have in-depth knowledge of the impact trauma has on development and behaviour.

Nga mihi,


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Jaimee Thompson

Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing,
Clinical Masters in Nursing

My goal for you is freedom.  To be your own hero and learn how to lay down the burdens that weigh you down.  Too often our mind feels like a dark mysterious place that "happens" to us.  This does not need to be your truth.  We can have freedom, we can have joy, we can dream big things for ourselves and know we deserve them.  And we can learn how to interrupt old patterns that keep us stuck.

I have over 20 years’ experience in mental health and addiction, working with people in crisis, in inpatient and in the community.  I have training across multiple modalities of treatment, which in real talk means putting many ideas, strategies and tools into the healing basket.  What I know most is we are simply complex, and one size does not always fit all, one kind of approach is not the answer for everyone. I work with adults 18+ and can help you via phone or zoom. 

With my best regards, 


Lily Flower

Julie Johnson

Registered Social Worker, Diploma in Child Protection, Certificate in Supervision

Kia ora katou.  My journey in social services began 25 years ago as a youth worker and since then I have gained experience and qualifications in alcohol and other drug (AOD) mental health services as well as clinical supervision. I have also had the pleasure of working with people in prison and supporting them on their journeys back into our communities. Alcohol and Other Drug work is wide and varied due to the complexities that come with being a user of AOD, and my experience working for a Kaupapa Māori service has allowed for the wider Whanau and at times Kaumatua, to be involved which brings its own special element.  My passion still lays in working with and alongside people on their journeys through AOD, I believe it is such a privilege to be a part of that.

Although I specialise in youth AOD I am also able to help you with anxiety, depression, grief / loss, managing and controlling your emotions, PTSD and relationship issues. 

Nga mihi,


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